The heart of my photography is to preserve all those little details that make up the family & life that you love.

There is nothing ordinary about your everyday family life. Your children change without notice, constantly. Did you wake up this morning to only realize your babies grew a foot overnight!  I have been a Maine family photographer for a long time.  I know how to capture what is important to you!

Did you know there is no warning about when those little details of your life will slowly change?

How your current everyday will fade into a completely new direction?

When certain precious moments will never happen again?

Those are the very reasons the images from your family photo session will suddenly become priceless! 


I like to think of myself as a visual storyteller. Every family is unique and yours is no different, which is why your ever changing story needs to be told and preserved for years to come.

I would love to tag along with you for a couple of hours to work some magic with my camera. I know you take countless photos with your phones and ipads, but you’re rarely in them.

You know what? Years down the road when your children are all grown up, they will go back to look at photos of their childhood. They WANT to see YOU in those photos, too!

Don’t wake up one day to only realize you missed out on capturing the genuine moments that make up this amazing blend of personalities you call family.

let me help you tell YOUR story

  • Take a look at my photography portfolio to see if my style is what you are looking for. My goal is to let each family member be themselves, which in turn deliver beautiful unfiltered moments you can truly relate to.
  • My blog will keep you up to date with my latest work. I hope you will see all of the fun we have and that you will be inspired to schedule a session for your own family!

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