“Time stands still best in moments that look suspiciously like ordinary life.”

– Brian Andreas

Family building a sand castle during their Pemaquid Beach family photos

My family photography style isn’t for everyone (and that’s okay).

It’s like some of us like jam on our toast and some of us don’t. 

We all have our own personal taste.

Keep in mind as you read these next couple of paragraphs that I’m not implying that one style of photography is better than another.   I simply want you to have photos that you truly love.

I’m not your best match if . . .

You only want a few posed photos where everyone is in their best (possibly matching) clothes, smiling and looking at the camera.

You just want a couple of nice photos of the kids.

You’re getting together with the extended family and all you need are group shots of all the siblings, grandkids, grandparents, cousins etc.

We should totally get together if . . .

You don’t mind opening your heart and home to a stranger with a camera who wants nothing more than to capture your life and love, just as it is now.  Hey, I know it sounds a little awkward and you’re probably thinking ‘Why would I do that?’. But I promise not to make you feel uncomfortable!

Your favorite photos are the ones that transport you through time. The ones that remind you of your old house, or that favorite dress you used to wear, or that stuffed animal your child loved so hard it’s limbs fell off. 

You love the beauty of windswept hair, grubby knees, bear hugs, scrunchy giggly faces and fingers intertwined. 

You’re happy to embrace a little imperfection.

happy family of three sitting on the grass giggling together

Let’s just have fun . . .

My family sessions are super relaxed. I really don’t want our time together to become a stress, or for you to worry that your children need be on their absolute best behavior!  Hey, that’s not fun for anyone.  I’m a parent too, and I totally understand that one minute your kids are so wonderful you can’t believe how lucky you are, and the next minute they’re driving you so crazy you’re seriously considering leaving home before they do!  Looking after those cherubs is an emotional rollercoaster.

So, it’s okay if when we’re together they get grumpy, or they’re a little wild or maybe a bit shy.  In fact, it’s probably best to just expect it.  For the most part, I find kids are pretty happy when their parents spend time with them and that’s basically what my photos sessions are.  It’s just you and your favorite people being together. Okay, wait, I’m going to get real with you for a second. It is mostly hanging out, but because I’ll be on a mission to photograph you in the most beautiful way possible, I will be giving you a little direction here and there.  Rest assured however, most of my guidance is to help you look your best, or encourage you to get all loved up and happy with the people you adore.

Simple as that.

So, after reading all of this, if you feel we’re a good match, by all means drop me a line or give me a call!