I had the best time with this family last week!  I have been avoiding fields and wooded areas because of ticks, but the dry weather gave us a green light.  We decided on a forest adventure, which included boats made of bark and frog hopping!  The ladies also had gorgeous wreaths made of moss and flowers they found at The Common Ground Country Fair.  I thought they looked like mother and daughter forest nymphs.  

The weather has been gorgeous all summer and now that fall has arrived, it’s hard to believe the temperatures still remain in the 80’s.  It didn’t rain on our session day, but the parched earth could certainly use a soaking.  I suppose as the season progresses towards winter the precipitation will follow.

Without further ado, lets take a look at this sweet family enjoying a sunny afternoon together!

A Forest Adventure

toddler putting moss and flower wreath on mothers head

mother and father swinging toddler daughter in the air while walking through field

black & white photo of daughter giggling while being held between mom and dadA forest adventurelittle girl in pink dress walking through forestblack & white photo of parents playing in the forest with toddler girlparents snuggling toddler daughter while sitting in the forestblack & white image of toddle girl holding a piece of barklittle girl very excited by the tree frog climbing on her fathers shirtlittle girl riding on fathers shoulders while walking through the woodsblack and white photo of toddler girl in a treehappy family of three sitting on the grass giggling together

This is my final week in Maine, which is very hard for me to believe.  I hope to come back next year for a couple of weeks and will be scheduling family photo sessions then.  If anyone reading this lives in the Tacoma, WA area or you know someone who does, let them know about Whimsical Years Photography.  Please contact me here to set up your family documentary photo session!  We’ll have lots of fun together! 


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Julie Wentzell
October 10, 2017
You are very talented to capture these beautiful pictures of my precious family! Beautiful!!