Pemaquid Beach Family Photos

I don’t think I will ever grow tired of photographing this wonderful family.  Ever since Amelia was a couple of weeks old, I have gone back each year to take their family photos.  Perhaps I missed one year, but four out of five isn’t bad!  They decided to change it up a little and go to the beach instead of having photos at home.  The day of their session was a foggy one, but Pemaquid Beach family photos in the fog is amazing!  Summer time in Maine can be crowded at the beaches so we were all thrilled to have the whole beach to ourselves.  Yes, there were a handful of other people but you hardly noticed them since everyone was spread out. 

Armed with buckets and shovels, the children scurried in and out of the water and through the sand.  Sand castles built, deep holes dug, all of which created happy smiles and very sandy bodies!  See for yourselves what I mean.

Family of four walking hand in hand on Pemaquid BeachBlack and white photo of mother holding her toddler son while walking on Pemaquid BeachBrother and sister running on the foggy beach at Pemaquid Beach in Maine.Parents holding hands at Pemaquid Beach as children play in the sandLittle blond girl smiling as she walks along Pemaquid Beach in the fogFather plays with his two children at Pemaquid BeachFamily building a sand castle during their Pemaquid Beach family photosBlack and white photo of girl running along Pemaquid BeachToddler rolling in the sand at Pemaquid Beach in MaineToddler throwing sand at the beach in MaineFather and son building sandcastle at Pemaquid BeachToddler happily displaying his sandy handsA foggy day at Pemaquid Beach while building a sandcastleMother smiling at her toddler as he plays in the sand at their Pemaquid Beach family photo sessionBrother and sister building a sandcastle during family photo session at Pemaquid BeachPortrait of woman at Pemaquid Beach in the fogFamily of four walking along the foggy Pemaquid Beach

Who agrees with me that family photos are amazing on a deserted beach in the fog?  We don’t have foggy days all the time, but when we do I believe the effect is magical.  Just think, you too could have your family photos taken on a beach, documentary style!  Just click here to contact me.

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