A Baby Girl is Born! Maine Children's Photographer

Now I see why Derilyn somehow endures four-and-a-half months of feeling sick.  In the end a beautiful, healthy absolutely precious baby is born and I'm sure she has long forgotten any of the discomfort.  Still no name as of this writing, but they are working on it!  She was only three hours old when I arrived and before I left she had her eyes open and seemed very alert.  But mostly she slept and made the sweetest grunting sounds, almost like a content puppy.  It's hard to imagine their personalities at such a tender age, yet I'm sure that hers will emerge in no time.  With three older siblings to keep up with, I'd say she's raring to go!  Derilyn did say she was quite active in utero.  Okay, enough babbling!  The photos tell a much better story ~

The whole clan!

Some grandma time.

Oldest brother.

Eyes wide open.