A Babysitting Adventure

How I Take Great Photos of Kids

A babysitting adventure is simply that, an adventure!  Back in November I brought out my camera during one of my days babysitting two very sweet, adorable children.  So glad I did because not only did we have fun but I think the many moments captured really portray how amazing it is to be in the presence of children.  They are so real and so imaginative and are a simple reminder of how nothing else matters but the here and now.I really enjoy watching the children play without interfering.  It allows me to truly see who they are by giving them space to explore and express themselves.  It also gives me the opportunity to make fabulous pictures of real moments.He kept trying to evade the camera, swinging his head from side to side, but I kept telling him my camera was faster than him.  He thought this was a fun game so he indulged me some quick glances.  We both won!

This is my favorite one.  I love how sweet and shy he looks in this image.

So there you have it - a real babysitting adventure!  This is the way I love to do my photo sessions, especially with children.  Allowing for spontaneous play gives me the chance to capture the real deal.