A Gathering of Grandchildren


I had the best time with five very sweet, adorable children the other day.  Their grandma will be celebrating a birthday soon so the parents decided they wanted to give her a very special gift.  There is nothing that will bring more joy to a grand parents heart than mementos of the people they love.  In this case, five very exuberant grandchildren!  Was this job a challenge for me?  Of course it was, but it is the kind of challenge I have grown to love.I normally take my photos outside so the children can run and play, but it was cold and wet out so we stayed in.  We found an area in the house with ample light, I took out my camera and away we went!  The results are not staged or planned moments, because that is not how I work.  I basically follow the lead of the children, see what they are comfortable doing, throw in some coaxing of my own and snap photo after photo.An hour later I have the material I need, the children are so done, and most likely the parents will wonder how on earth will she get even one good photo!  I'd say I got a few more than one.  See for yourselves.  I can't wait for them to see the rest!  I decided to post all in black and white, but there are color versions as well.Getting everyone into one shot was the most challenging and a lot of distracting had to happen in order to keep them all in one spot.  Chanting about their grandmother seemed to do the trick, which is why two of the girls mouths look like they are saying something.  Because they are!  I hope you enjoyed the preview!  More to come.Are you ready to book your family photos?  Save all of those fleeting moments, because they zip by so fast and you can't get them back.  Contact me here!