Amelia Pearl

I just love the name, Amelia Pearl, which is what Marissa and Michael named their little baby girl.  I had the privilege of meeting her yesterday, and oh my, what a sweet little pearl she is, indeed!  Two hours before their session I called to say that the rain was supposed to hold off for awhile, so if they were up to it I would come as planned.  A few spits of rain, some clouds, peeks of sun - we had it all, including chickens and a crowing rooster.I have to admit that I get a wee bit nervous going into a session because I rarely have a game plan and when I'm finished with shooting, I never know if I got enough of their story.  I know a lot of photographers have at least a general idea of what they'd like to go away with.  They have certain "have to" poses, certain looks, etc.  I don't.  Why?  Because I don't want to mess with the chemistry of the people I photograph that makes them uniquely "them."  I don't want my work to become predictable.  I don't want people to think "oh, I've seen a similar picture like that before."Thank you, Marissa and Michael, for sharing your little family with me.  I hope you will enjoy your preview, but I especially hope that I've portrayed each of you as you truly are.  More to come, soon!

Michael was mimicking the Lion King, presenting to the world, or at the very least, to the chickens and flowers, their little princess.

Don't worry, I have this one in color to show off the flowers, but there was something about the black and white version that drew me in.

Sophie is such a good dog!