Ava and Virginia

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.—Native American Proverb

I had the absolute best time yesterday photographing a mother-daughter session!  Just in time for Father's Day!  Their dresses were beyond adorable!  We were very lucky that the weather cooperated, considering we've had nothing but rain, clouds or fog for what seems likes weeks now.

Ava is a lucky girl, indeed.  I remember as a little girl, growing up in the city, how I constantly yearned for a horse of my own, to live in the country with lots of farm animals.  It never happened until 6 or 7 years ago.  Better late than never!  Ava has always known horses.  They are a part of her life in much the same way as her parents are.  To see her interact with them is priceless.  Children are so in the moment, can be a bit unpredictable around animals, but what I saw between Ava and a couple of the horses was pure harmony.  She had no fear, nor did she present a threat to them, and they knew it.  I was mesmerized (and secretly jealous that I didn't have this when I was a little girl.)

Tell me this isn't love and trust!

The second she was put on his back her face lit up in absolute bliss!  I just love how her instinct tells her to cling with her legs.

Is that the most kissable face you ever did see!!

What joy!

By now you're probably wondering if I only do black and white photos.  Well, no, but Virginia requested an all black and white session, which I was thrilled about.  I'm actually offering a black and white "only" session, which is $50 less than the regular price, plus 20% off all prints!  I just haven't put that into my menu yet.  Been so busy!

Ava sporting her first riding jacket!  I'm telling you, once she starts riding I think she will fly right to the tops.  She already seems to know what to do!

Thank you for sharing your little angel with me, Virginia.  She is a precious light in anyone's day.  Can't wait to finish editing the rest of your images!