Family Photo Session Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Maine Family Photo Session

Maine Family Photo Session


I have always loved black and white photographs for many reasons.  My number one reason is this -  no distractions.  Color has a way of luring you away from the main subjects being photographed, which are the people.  During this particular family photo session in Boothbay Harbor, Maine, everyone was wearing wonderful, coordinating colors.   However, when I compared the black and white versions to the color, I knew what created the stronger image.  As you scroll down,  every photo will be in black and white.The sky and water was blue.   The tree leaves were green.   Many bright colors dotted the beach, but I'm telling you, folks, black and white photography for families is the way to go!  Don't worry, my clients will be getting the color versions, too, because I think we all like to have choices.So there you have it - a family photo session at the beach in the summer time, all in black and white images!  I personally think they told a wonderful story while leaving a lot to the imagination as well.  But what I want to know is what you think!  Let me know in the comment section below.  Back in April of this year, I did another family photo session of siblings and cousins, which I posted all of the photographs in black and white.  You can check that one out HERE.I know summer is just getting started for a lot of you.  You're able to relax with your families, hopefully go on vacation here in the lovely state of Maine.  For those live here,  hopefully you, too, are finding time to enjoy your loved ones.  I'm well aware that most people have their own cameras and are constantly taking photographs of their families.   The problem with that is  you're not in them!  That's why hiring a professional photographer is a perfect idea.  After all, your children want to have pictures with you in them as well!  Contact me here so we can start planning your family photo session!