Clark's Cove Farm

I do a lot of photo sessions at locations that have some body of water.  Whether it's a lake, river or the ocean, water is usually a part of the scenery.  I suppose living on the coast of Maine has a lot to do with that.   Many people visiting from the city want to include a natural setting with water in their family photos, so off to the beach we go!  However, there are exceptions.  Clark's Cove Farm is one of the most beautiful settings I know of.  The apple orchard is magical and the gardens are simply gorgeous.  This is a place where children can run and play among the apple trees or the enchanting cedar grove.

I had such a great time with this young family, but most of all it was such a treat for me to see them again.  This was the third time I've photographed the oldest daughter.  Our first session seems like it was so long ago, but really it was only five years.  So many changes, though!   I really love to see how the children grow from year to year.  Their personalities evolve and the next thing you know they have sprouted from toddler to young child!  Lets take a look at this lovely family.

Clark's Cove Farm

Mother with two daughters in apple tree at Clark's Cove Farm
Mother and two daughters walking together in apple orchard at Clark's Cove Farm, Maine
Mother and daughters portrait under apple tree at Clark's Cove Farm
Two sisters playing at an apple orchard
Gorgeous lighting in apple orchard at Clark's Cove Farm
Sisters skipping through the apple orchard at Clark's Cove Farm

Note to self:  having clients wear warm colors in an apple orchard is an excellent idea!  This family planned their outfits and as a result the images are vibrant but not overwhelming.

Black and white portrait of young girl next to apple tree
Black and white portrait of young girl at apple orchard
Portrait of two sister beneath an apple tree at Clark's Cove Farm
Portrait of mother and two daughters beneath an apple tree

The lighting was nothing less than perfection!  Could not have asked for better conditions.

Black and white photo of mother and two daughers
Two sisters sitting among a cedar grove
Father and two daughters in a garden
Father and daughters in garden at Clark's Cove Farm
Black and white photo of father with two daughters
Little girl running through gardens at Clark's Cove Farm
Two sisters sitting in a tree
black and white photo of two sisters skipping through apple orchard

This concludes your preview, which I hope you enjoyed!  Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to immortalize an important time in your life.  It was such an honor to be a part of!

To my readers:  If you are thinking about having photos taken for Christmas cards or gifts, now is the time to get started.  Fall is a magical time of year so lets create some magical memories to look back on.