Derilyn's Family and Maternity Session

Perfect time of day.  Perfect location.  Perfect subjects.  Can't get any better than that!  Pemaquid Beach is really a sweet place to unwind, enjoy the ocean and soft sand, to go for a walk, and, of course, do a photo session.  Kids love it and in my experience, if they are happy, everyone is happy, and the results are great photos.

I have photographed Derilyn and her children for years now and every time I am blessed with fabulous images.  Guess it must be the wild blond hair and blue eyes!  Okay, so hubby's hair isn't wild anymore, but I bet it used to be!!  Wonder if child number three will follow suit?  Guess they'll find out soon enough!

Anyway, thank you for a great time!  I hope you enjoy your preview as much as I am.  We'll have to do this again after "jelly bean" is born!

This little rascal is all boy!

And this one is definitely all girl.

Lots of baby bump profiles!  Notice Ms Independence in the distance?  Off in her own little world.

I did manage to get her reeled in for a few photos!  I must say I'm feeling more confident taking silhouettes.

You can't be at the beach with children and not look for hermit crabs and other sea creatures!

It takes a lot of shutter clicks to get a family photo, but so worth it!!

I did mention I had beautiful subjects, didn't I?!

Such an obedient family.  I tell them to hold hands and run along the waters edge, both away from me and towards me.  They do a great job, don't you think!  My sessions are about 75 percent candid and 25 percent direction because I strive for real moments, which come naturally if you just let it happen.

Dakota was our half-time entertainment, thrilling us with her acrobatic stunts.  Oh, and do notice the amazing color in the reflections.  As I said, perfect time of day.

And here is mom, demonstrating how to use seaweed as a shawl.  So this is where Dakota gets her modeling skills!

"In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary." ~Aaron Rose

A serious moment . . . "honey, we're going to have three children pretty soon!"

Comparing bumps!

Pregnant women are so radiant.  Wonder what she's thinking!

I tell ya, I don't think her feet touched the ground very much!

The reflections, the colors, the light, the shapes . . . all so beautiful and so full of life.