Documentary Family Photography

Documentary Family Photography

What I love about documentary family photography is that it preserves the story of your family life right now: nothing posed or directed; simply honest moments, beautifully photographed.

There is nothing I love more than watching people.  I love to observe how they interact with the world around them, especially how they interact with other people. When I photograph families I really get to see how their lives intertwine.  That is the beauty of documentary family photography.  I am privy to the real moments in their lives, however mundane and unglamorous it may seem to them.

What's important is that it IS them.  No filter.  No props.  No poses.  No forced smiles.  No planning.

Pure and simple, chaotic and messy, uncensored family life.  YOUR life.  YOUR family.

I don't want to copy a beautiful Pinterest board and hand it back to you, saying "this is you and your family."  Because you and I know very well that life doesn't unfold that way, especially family life.

Many years from now, after your children have grown, I guarantee you that you will want to reminisce about them.   You will want to relive their giggles, their smallness, the way they played and the way they cried. 

This is what my work is all about.  To be witness to your lives and to help retell your story, one image at a time.

Beautiful family stories 

There are far too many "selfies" in your social media feeds and your phones.  Are you ready to have you and your family really photographed so that when you look at your images you actually feel them?  Because what is more important - everyone looking at the camera or a photo that truly portrays your life in the here and now?  Rather than fumbling into stiff poses, wouldn't you rather just hang out with your family while I snap the shutter?  As a result, your photos will actually tell a story, but most of all, it will be your story.

Let's have some fun together!  I promise you, it will be the easiest most enjoyable family photo session you've ever had!  Contact me so we can get started!