DRA Family Photographs

Maine can be hot and humid during the summer, especially in July. With the lack of rain and increased humidity, this July feels worse than in years past.  As it turned out, my scheduled photo session was on a very hot day.  Luckily I found a shady spot for my party of 13 who came to the DRA to have family photographs taken.  To my delight the children were adorable and fun to work with!  A pair of toddler twins, an 18 month old and a 4 year old made up the children portion of the group.  How easy do you think it would be to keep the little ones entertained and in one spot?  Once I found their sweet spot, which was letting the toddlers click the shutter button, we were golden!

As a family photographer I never know how the dynamics of each group will work during our time together.  My motto is this: stay flexible, pay attention to cues and have fun!  The youngest three took a little time to warm up to the idea of a stranger among them.  While the "little's" were getting used to me, the eldest of the bunch shared his endless smiles and giggles.  Lets take a pause from the words and dive right into this wonderful range of personalities!

an afternoon of fun at the dra

casual portrait of four very young children outdoors
portrait of toddler and young boy sitting on a bench in the shade
portrait of eleven people in the shade of a large field

I would have to say that having 12 out of 13 pair of eyes on the camera is pretty darn good!

two young children sitting on bench laughing
Family Photographs at DRA
grandfather holding two toddlers on his lap outdoors on a bench
black and white portrait of mother, daughter and granddaughter
DRA Family Photographs
fun candid portrait of family
black and white photo of grandfather and adult son holding grandson
silly photo of young boy and his father giggling together in a shady tree
little boy sitting in the nook of a tree smiling with his uncle by his side
black and white photo of little girl resting in her mothers arms

Little sis wasn't feeling very well but as you can see big brother is making her all better!

brother and sister portrait
little toddler girl walking in a field
two toddlers sitting on a bench in the shade smiling and laughing
two toddlers standing on a bench together overlooking a meadow

I hope you enjoyed your preview!  Thank you so much for coming out to play on such a hot, humid day.  You were all such good troopers!  Can't wait to show you the rest!

Have you had your family photographs taken this year yet?  If you have wee ones, remember how fast they grow and change.  For anyone who is contemplating a family photo session - think Christmas cards - just click here!