Family Photographs | Foggy Beach

You can always count on your family photographs changing year after year.  I have known this family for many years, some members even before they officially became a family unit.  I was more than excited when asked to photograph them while I was visiting Maine.  Even more so when our chosen date gave us an empty foggy beach to play on!

Sometimes it's hard to imagine all of the ways in which your children change.  As parents you are so immersed in your daily lives that you barely have time to catch your breath at the end of each milestone.

Family Photographs

Photographs not only stop time but they stop you in your tracks.  They are an open window to the tiny moments you miss.  They are the glue that holds you tightly to your past that has somehow loosened its grip.

Photographs are the unspoken words to your continued story.  A visual dance of blended personalities that are, in fact, the people of your family.

How sad it would be to not have any tangible form of your past.  To not have something so powerful that the very beat of your own heart catches in your throat by merely looking at an image.

This is my life's work.  To not only share in an hour or two of your lives but to truly see into the unique complexity of what makes you you. The magic lies in presenting you with a short chapter of your family story.  

When was the last time you had your family photographs taken?  If it was more than a year ago, you may want to consider an update.  Besides, Christmas will be here sooner than you think and there is nothing better than giving a batch of new photographs!

I look forward to meeting you and your family!!