Family Photography Hope, Maine

If you are from out of state, have you ever considered family photography in Hope, Maine?  When people come to Maine they gravitate to the beaches and lighthouses, but next time give Hobbs Pond in Hope a try.  I think you will love this sweet little gem tucked away between wild blueberry fields and old farms.  My daughter came with me to this family session because it was in a location she had never been to.  The drive was lovely, but the bonus when we arrived were the two adorable children who greeted us.  Any photo session that includes young children will always prove to be fun and very busy!  What I love most about interacting with young families during our session are the unique personalities that surface.  Lets take a peek at what I'm talking about.

Family Photography Hope, Maine

black and white photo of little boy and girl holding hands by a lake
Family of four sitting on dock at lake
young girl and boy sitting together smiling on a dock
Family of four holding hands skipping on country dirt road

Can anyone sing "Lou, Lou, skip to my Lou!"  Do people skip and sing that song anymore?  I sure hope so!

young family of four playing with each other in grass

I have learned over the years of photographing young children that you have to keep them active.  Jumping is a favorite among the wee ones!  Don't you think mom and dad make perfect anchors?!  Most of the families I do photo sessions with are people I have never met before.  The time it takes to feel at ease happens very quickly.  Less really is more, which is why I arrive with my camera, a lot of enthusiasm and no props.

black and white photo of little boy and girl peeking from behind a tree
little boy standing in grass with hands in his pockets

This little guy was so sweet when I asked him to put his hands in his pockets.  He could find one but had a hard time finding the other.  Once he finally got both hands in each pocket, he was so proud of himself.  Do you see what I mean about keeping it simple and engaging?  I think it brings out their true personalities.

Father lifting his little boy in the air
Father lifting his young daughter into the air
black and white photo of little boy and girl holding hands running
Family Photography Hope, Maine
Father holding his two little children as they kiss his cheeks
silly candid portrait of young family
black and white silly candid portrait of young family
Family Photography Hope, Maine
black and white photo of little girl
portrait of young couple by a lake
Family portrait by lake in Hope, Maine
little girl walking to a dock at a lake

Now that you've had a taste of a family photo session in a countryside setting, does it make you want to have a session of your own?  I'd love to hear ideas about a unique session you would like to have with your family!