Family Photoshoot | Wright Park

Last month when I got an inquiry for a family photoshoot at their home and Wright Park, I got very excited.  This young couple had a baby daughter who was not walking yet, plus they wanted to include their dog.  They knew the importance of capturing memories of their home, of the way they interacted, of how they laughed together, of how they showed love.

Little miss T was beyond adorable!  Her bright, beautiful smile filled the room with her inquisitive nature.  Always learning and ever so proud of each new mastery of skills.  I just love experiencing the world through a child's eyes.  They make the most simple things appear amazing and new!

The homes in Tacoma are a mixture of old and new.  This particular home was renovated and very tastefully decorated.  What I loved the most were the repurposed pieces of furniture that were painted bright colors.  It was definitely a happy home and so perfect for the start of their family photoshoot.  Please take note of the invisible book cases in one of the photos.  So very cool!

Family Photoshoot | Wright Park | Tacoma Playground

Tacoma is the city I grew up in and Wright Park was a place where many memories were created.  But when I left over 30 years ago I never imagined that I would find myself living here again.  Almost two years have passed since I moved back and I find that I'm having to reacquaint myself with a landscape I always thought would be familiar.  So many new streets and stores and apartment buildings now, where before there was nothing but trees or empty lots.

I saw the expansion coming before I left during my 20's and all I could think about at that time was I will never live there again.  But here I am and so happy that I have chosen to give this city another chance.  It was the urging of my family that brought me home, the need to spend time with and get to know my mother and siblings again.  I left when we were all still so young, which meant I never got to see them grow up.  We kept in touch but that isn't the same as being there.

I hope you enjoy this lovely family photoshoot as much as I enjoyed doing it!