First Family Photos | Maine Documentary Photographer

First family photos

I was so delighted to be the one to take the first family photos for these wonderful people. I met them in their home tucked away in the woods along the coast of Maine.   We were very busy, but I suppose that is what happens with four children, six adults and two dogs!  Traveling from Colorado and New Hampshire,  I was very impressed with how settled everyone was.  I suppose keeping the occasion light and without demands for perfect poses accounts for the good experience.  After all, your first family photos will either set the stage for more in the future or they'll never do it again!  Lets hope it is NOT the latter!

The youngest from Colorado has never been to Maine, but her brother and two cousins have.  I hope they will all develop fond memories of visiting their grandparents here.  There's plenty of room for exploration and loads of "roly poly" bugs to be found, nothing more will matter.  Well, except for a boat ride or some adventures collecting seaweed, all of which makes life during the summer in Maine perfect! 

It is always important to include your furry, four legged family members in your photos!

Someone is about to lose a tooth!  Her cousin is very interested in the possibility of seeing it come out!

I hope you enjoyed your preview!  Stay tuned for an email with a link to your gallery just as soon as I'm finished editing the rest of your photos.  I also hope you had a great time at your session as well as on your vacation to Maine.  Happy travels back to your homes near and far!

For anyone else who may be reading this, I still have availability for YOUR family documentary session.  Follow the link to contact me!