Fun Autumn Photo Session

In the spring of 2011 I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely young couple's engagement session.  The following November I documented their wedding - happy almost 5th anniversary!  Catherine and Bob introduced me to their daughter two years ago and now she is nearly four.  The greatest gift a photographer can receive is a request for another photo shoot.  I truly think I could hang out with these three all day long!  We had such a good time and I believe this fun autumn photo session will always remind them of how silly Miss A was at this time of her life.

This gorgeous spot, locally known as the DRA, offers many natural backdrops.  The large hilly field wraps around a duck and geese pond.  A drought this year has reduced the amount of water in the pond, therefore the number of waterfowl was low.  But the colors the trees produced were stunning!  I can't remember a more vibrant fall.  There's an area along our walk I discovered a few years ago that show evidence of primitive grass hut building.  Summer events are held at the DRA, so I presume these were built recently by small hands.  Milkweed, which is one of my favorite plants, grows abundantly here and is so pretty this time of year.

How to have a fun autumn photo session

fun autumn photo session
parents with young child in a field
little girl running down a hill
portrait of young girl smiling
portrait of young family of 3 in an autum field
silly portrait of young family
portrait of family outdoors
black and white portrait of young couple in a field
black and white portrait of young girl
little girl walking up big grassy hill
cute portrait of young family in the fall
mother and daughter
silly photo of mother and daughter
mother and daughter posing silly in a sunny field
mother and daughter posing silly in a sunny field
family posing silly in a sunny field
black and white photo of girl being silly
little girl running in a field with fall colors
little girl being silly while parents laugh
father and daughter being silly
young family of three walking in a field in the fall

Now that was fun gallivanting through the field with these three, don't you think?!  This coming Sunday, October 30th, is supposed to be nice in the afternoon so if you'd like a family photo session contact me now!

Photographs and photo books make the best gifts to give at the holidays.  They are unique and are far more priceless than anything else you could possibly give.  I know for a fact that in ten years from now, when little miss A is a teenager, these photos are going to be an emotional treasure.