It's a Boy!

There is nothing more precious than new life.  It is miraculous that something as tiny as two cells can eventually become a beautiful, vibrant living being.  I am sure the siblings of this precious baby are simply in awe.  They watched their mother transform over the months, watched her belly move in a way they have never seen before, and then suddenly, one day emerges this child - their little brother.  Their eyes were glued to him, especially "big sister!"Thank you for inviting me to capture these first sacred moments of the life of your son.  What a treasure of memories!!  Enjoy your preview!!

Love the flurry of activity here among the ever content baby.  I'm telling you, he is very happy!

. . . and then there were five.

Oh my goodness, the love here is so sweet!

This is why I love my job . . .

No words here between these three, just a lot of "awe"

We did manage to pull big brother away from the computer long enough for a quick photo!

And here is grandma.  Now I see where the beauty is coming from!

Some daddy love ~

I adore this picture!

And to end, we must all appreciate these sweet, kissable cheeks!  A well fed baba!