Little Red Wagon Photoshoot

Little Red Wagon Photoshoot

Every child ought to have a little red wagon, especially during their photoshoot!  This adorable one year old did, who I cannot believe has grown so much since last year!  The changes that occur during the first few years of life will never stop amazing me.  To grow from a tiny helpless bundle into a toddling wannabe independent human simply floors me!

I'm sure any parent reading this can relate.  How many of you have ever woken up and suddenly realized that their baby grew up over night?  That their little boy or girl has a mind of their own, that they seem to not need you anymore?!  Imagine that!  How can it be?!

Well, folks, I'm here to tell you that it does indeed happen, fast!  So many growing pains, both physically and emotionally for parents and children.  There aren't enough books or seminars or words of wisdom to prepare you for the life of a parent.  No amount of time or patience or sleep can give pause to a world of nurturing needed to raise and release our little humans.

So why am I talking about this in the midst of a blog post supposedly about a little red wagon photoshoot?  Because this, or any other photoshoot, wouldn't be happening without the start of your family.  Without your little child who is growing so fast that you simply must stop to capture what is now because tomorrow is too far away.

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