Looking Back Through Time

Looking Back Through Time

We were all small once.  As children, everything was new and fresh and seemingly limitless.  Time stood still because each day spilled into the next and there was always room for more time.  Sitting here with a stack of old photo albums, looking back through time, I'm reminded how fleeting time is

How do we live in the moment yet not forget our past? 

How did we evolve into the people we are today?

What are the memories we hold dear and how do we keep them close in our hearts?  How does our past, our memories - both good and bad - carve out who we are today?

There are so many answers to each of these questions and all of them are correct.  There is no right or wrong to the unfolding of our lives.  Yes, we have experiences that are difficult and unpleasant.  Yes, some people have a terrifying past, but I am hoping that even in those moments of darkness there is a sliver of light.

What is the glue that holds families together?

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles.  These are the people that are the cornerstones, the foundations and the glue that holds families together.  Our love for each other, our values we develop as we grow and our uniqueness are also part of the family glue.

If photos could speak, and I actually believe they can, what would your hard drive full of memories say?  Do your photos evoke tears of joy and sadness?  Of course they do!  Do some of them make you laugh so hard you nearly pee your pants?  I hope so!

If your house was on fire, aren't your photos the second thing you would do whatever you safely can to bring them with you?  YES!  Your family and pets are your first priority, by the way!

What you do today to preserve your family traditions, your family milestones, your family everyday bits and pieces of life will insure your history stays alive forever.

You may think your life is boring so why put time and money into documenting it.  But guess what?  We all think that!  

It's okay to keep your PJ's on!

Leave the house as is and have your day documented for you to remember always! 

Do you wish you had more photos of your family life when you were little?  I sure do!  At least each photograph I do have helps me to remember what was going on in that particular time in my life.  

When I became a mother I was determined to chronicle everything!  I pretty much succeeded except for one very important thing.  I'm not in very many of the photos with my children.  I was always the one behind the camera.  Once cell phones came on the scene, my kiddos were not interested in taking selfies with their me!

What do you hope to see when you are looking back through time?  Posed forced smiles of your family looking at the camera or the real deal?  There is never a single perfect day or season or age or anything that will be more perfect than this very moment.  It's your life, it's happening right here and now and I guarantee you that you will want to remember it when your young children are out on their own.

Give yourself and them this gift of memories, which is also the glue that holds families together.