Moms and Babies

There's nothing like spring time.  Everything is new and exciting.  Plans are created, life is full, baby animals are born and young children are eager to explore.  These past two afternoons have been spent at my friends place in Newcastle, ME.  A wonderful spread of land called Stones Edge Farm.  Aside from the great company and baby critters, there are very few black flies at her place due to the constant wind.  Such a relief and so nice to be able to enjoy being outdoors instead of being constantly bitten by those nasty flies!

Here is a glimpse of my two visits.  The baby miniature horse is half brother to my mini.  I will have to restrain myself from this one, who is an absolute love!  If any of you are in the area July 24th, be sure to go to Open Farm Day at Stones Edge Farm to see this little one, as well as the other farm animals.  There will be Bernese Mountain Dog puppies at that time as well.

I love both the color and black and white, so I put them both up!

It isn't everyday you see a baby horse in a persons lap, but at this farm you'd be surprised!  For anyone with children who is considering having photos done, this would be a great location for a session.  Lots of animals to be photographed with.  Contact me for more information.