New Beginnings | Tacoma, WA Family Photographer

For over three decades I have lived on the east coast, primarily in Maine.  At the end of this week I will circle back to my roots - Tacoma, WA.  My life has been a colorful one and I would not be who I am today without each experience.  I have raised two amazing children who are now young adults with lives of their own.  My passion as a family photographer has helped to provide the life I now lead. Fortunately my passion will open a new door, allowing me to call myself a Tacoma, WA family photographer!  Plus, living in Tacoma will bring me closer to my mother and siblings, and this brings me great joy.

Of course, with everything in life, there is a flip side to my upcoming adventure.  Letting go of the life I have created here in Maine will be the most bittersweet part of all.  As the saying goes, "close one door and another one opens."  And so I am eager to see what is on the other side of that new door, but rest assured I will not forget my life here.

Below you will find a sampling of the many wonderful family and children photo sessions I have done over the years.  I truly look forward to the many more families I will meet in my beautiful home state of Washington!

New Beginnings | Tacoma, WA Family Photographer

New Beginnings | Tacoma, WA Family Photographer
New Beginnings | Tacoma, WA Family Photographer
New Beginnings | Tacoma, WA Family Photographer
New Beginnings | Tacoma, WA Family Photographer
black and white photograph of little girl playing with toy kitchen
toddler boy playing with big toy trucks in sandbox
mother holding her toddler girl with sparkly fall colors in the background
father and son sitting together on the rocky shoreline
black and white photo of smiling mother and her baby boy
young boy between two tree trunks smiling shyly
young son sitting on mothers lap facing her while on the beach
black and white image of toddler in shorts looking shy
toddler and older brother playing together in the sand with buckets and shovels
older sister kissing her baby sisters cheek
two little girls in white dresses running barefoot along the waters edge holding buckets
little blonde girl with missing front teeth smiling with eyes closed
black and white photo of young twin boy and girl holing hands while running along the waters edge
two siblings kissing the cheek of a third sibling while sitting together
two toddlers standing next to each other smiling
black and white image of mother sleeping with newborn on her chest
little boy standing on log with basset hounds on each side of him

Do you live in the Tacoma, WA area?  Would you love to have your family's life documented so you can remember ten years later how life was?  If so, contact me here.  Life is too short to wait a minute longer.