Our Childhood Photos | A Nostalgic Journey

The photo above is of me with my six siblings.  I'm the oldest girl.

Our Childhood Photos | A Nostalgic Journey

Here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately.  In a nutshell, our childhood photos.

Imagine if you had photos from when you were small, documenting part of a regular day at home with your family.

Imagine if these images captured details of your house that you’d since forgotten about.  Your old bedroom, the pictures you used to hang on your walls, your toys you used to play with.  How special would it be if they also included some of the old routines and habits that are now faded memories?   The way your Mom prepared the family meals.  The games you used to play together.  Or the way you would snuggle in your mom or dads lap and were simply content in their arms.  How beautiful to be reminded of the clothes you used to wear, or how once upon a time you could barely see over the kitchen bench.

I don’t know about you, but personally, photos like these would be like gold to me.

I want to photograph more of the everyday.  More of the pieces of life that feel so normal and ordinary, and dare I say it - mundane, while you’re in the thick of it.  But in years to come these photos will be so very precious.

And most importantly, I want to capture you.  Because if you’re anything like me, there aren’t enough pictures with you in them.  Or at least there aren’t enough pictures (or any), that show a little of the work you put in as a parent.  I want to celebrate your efforts, your attention, your care, and I want your kids to see it too.

Honestly friends, I could type pages about this!  I haven’t even begun with all the thoughts my mind has whispered to make me doubt the validity of this idea.  You might be thinking something like this:  "when you hire a photographer nothing is really authentic anymore" and "why would anyone pay money to have a stranger come over and take pictures of ordinary stuff?"  I get it.  But all in all, when I fast forward in my mind 50 years, I don’t see images like these being a regret.  

In fact, as I look through what few photos I do have, I am bummed that I don't have more!  We do so much these days to create memories.  Be sure that the energy spent can be appreciated when your babies are forging lives of their own.  It's going to happen sooner than you think!  

"Our photographs are the bridge between forgotten and remembered.  Between past lives, and lives re-lived as we tell our children and grandchildren the story of the photo."