Couple Photo Session with Dog

Young couple with their aging dog

Families aren’t always made up of just people. In fact, many households consider their pets equal members of the family unit. This lovely couple with their dog Maya are the perfect example of a pet oriented family.

Have you ever considered having a couple photo session with your dog? If not, I highly encourage you to. I’m certain that all dog owners will agree on one thing, and it’s this: dogs are the most loyal creatures on earth. They will follow your every move, without judgement. They will comfort you when you most need it. They will silence their own pain, as if assuring you that life is still worth living as long as they are with you.

Black and white photograph of woman and her dog looking at each other on the beach

This sweet dog has been in Jamie’s family since she was a pup, and now 12 years later she is showing her age. She still has pep but her stamina is waning. Jamie knew she would always have memories of Maya tucked away in her heart forever, but she also wanted something more tangible.

She wanted a session that allowed the three of them to be who they are, without interference. And so I followed them along the shoreline of Owen’s Beach and around the duck pond at Point Defiance Park. As you can see, the love they all have for each other is pouring freely.

Old dog and his owner smiling at each other in the shade at Owen’s Beach
Elderly dog with eyes shut reaching up to sniff owners face
Older dog waving at owner as she waves back
Elderly dog playing at the beach
Older dog and owner running together on Owen’s Beach with Mt Rainier in the distance
Portrait of Elderly dog at Point Defiance duck pond
Couple Photo Session with Dog

Aren’t they the sweetest family ever! There will come a day when Maya leaves this world, and that is true for us all. I know these images will bring tears and smiles to Jamie and Josh whenever they look at them, but especially when their baby is gone.

Life holds for us many bittersweet moments and all of them are what shape us into the people we are. Does your family include any fur babies? Have you ever considered having a family session with them? If not, I would be more than happy to be the first to show you how fun it can be! I hope to hear from you!