Playground Fun

Two days in a row taking photos of children . . . bliss, I tell you, bliss!!  Kids are easy to do sessions with.  All I have to do is go with their flow in a fun environment and ta da -  magic happens!  These three were beyond adorable, and so cooperative.  Gotta love it when no one is shy in front of the camera!  Thank you Jessica and Nat for sharing your children with me!  I hope you like your sneak peek.  More to come!

Here's the youngest of the bunch.  So precious!

She looked so tiny in the Christmas Tree farm!

Here's the young man of the house - what a ham he was, and he so loved the camera!

Love this of him running through the maze of Christmas trees!

And here we have the eldest, who also adores the camera.  I just loved her pink cowgirl boots!

Just love sweet candid moments like this!

While we try to teach our children all about life, Our children teach us what life is all about.~Angela Schwindt