Point Defiance Park | Owens Beach | Family Photos

In a perfect world I would be shooting family photos everyday.  Not necessarily at Point Defiance Park or Owens Beach for each session.  I'd mix it up for sure. Tacoma has so many options but the most important one is the location that means something to your family.  A place that is special.  A place that has already started to collect memories.

Your home is a lovely place to begin, especially if you have a very young child or baby.  For this particular family, Point Defiance Park held a dear place in their hearts.  The youngest was in the beginning stages of discovery while her brother already knew his way around.

I love that they included their Golden Retriever, who was a lot of fun, especially in the water.  As the dog ran in and out of the water, the children played on the beach.  Little Miss L was very intrigued with all of the pebbles and shells, but she also loved practicing her walking skills.  Holding her mother's fingers, of course! Not ready to venture solo yet.

Mr W threw rocks and sticks for the dog to retrieve, and occasionally got showered as the dog shook the water from its fur.  He didn't mind the water splashes though, but I don't think many children do.  Enjoy the photos!

Point Defiance Park | Owens Beach | Family Photos

Are you ready to take this moment in time in your family's life and make sure it stands still forever?  Okay, so maybe you don't want everything to be frozen in time, but I can almost guarantee that even the messy, difficult moments are worth reflecting on.  Years to come you will be glad you did!  I'd be honored to co-create your family's time capsule!  I'm only a message away!