Remember Your Roots

About 3-4 years ago I began to use a digital camera.  I knew nothing about the technical side of photography, but always owned a camera and loved being behind the lens.  I remember that I didn't have much work at the time that first year I got my Nikon D40, so I decided to make use of all my spare time and teach myself to take pictures the way I envisioned them.

Everyday, early in the morning, I took the dogs out with me to feed the horses.  I brought my camera, too.  It was at that magical hour or two after sunrise that I learned all about light and how it gave meaning and depth to anything I photographed.  I could take the same exact picture three hours later, but it wasn't the same picture.  At all.  There was no life, no energy, no feeling.

I finally understood why it was said that photographers were always on the lookout for that "perfect light."  It was necessary to convey emotion.  It was the thread that wove itself around subject and its' soul.I have been photographing people primarily for the past three years, but this morning I yearned to go out with my camera.  To be in the golden light as morning was waking up.  Pies were in the oven, my daughter asleep, the animals were enjoying the freshly fallen snow.I wanted to go back to where I started this journey.  To remember my roots.  To discover how far I have gone and how much more of this amazing life I have yet to discover.