Shaw-Nickerson Family

family portrait against a barn with red door at christmas time
little girl holding a red hen as wings are flapping
portrait of little blond girl wearing a tiara
Maine Family Photographer
little girl with a horse
black and white photo of little girl and horse
profile image of little girl and horse closeup
little girl looking at a big horse closeup
black and white photo of little girl standing close to her horse
little girl standing between two big horses
Maine Family Photographer
horse nuzzling the cheek of a little girl
little girl hugging big horse

The day after Christmas was a perfect day for a family photo session this year.  It wasn't too cold, especially out of the wind, and the sun was actually out, which is worth celebrating about considering how grey December has been.  I have photographed this family a lot over the years so I've been able to watch the little one grow up.  As you will see, horses are merely an extension of her.  It was great seeing the interaction between them, especially with the larger horse, who clearly adores her.  I hope you enjoy this little preview! Apparently glittery high heels is perfectly acceptable footwear while feeding the chickens!