Amelia Pearl

Amelia Pearl

I just love the name, Amelia Pearl, which is what Marissa and Michael named their little baby girl.  I had the privilege of meeting her yesterday, and oh my, what a sweet little pearl she is, indeed!

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Abby, Mark and Ethan

I've learned that when you live in Maine, don't count on the weather forecast to be accurate.  It was supposed to be a partly to mostly sunny weekend, but I know we saw more clouds than sun, and we even had some rain showers - at the time of this session, as a matter of fact!  Even so, we packed in a lot of giggles and plain old fun and excitement during our session.  It doesn't really take much to make a wee one happy, and I'm telling you, can this little guy smile and laugh!  Abby and Mark, you are very lucky to have such a happy child, who is obviously loved to pieces!  I'll hush now and get on with the show!This black and white image is one of my favorites of the trio.  I love candid photos because they really capture authentic moments.  Plus, it isn't easy to get a toddler to hold still for a posed shot, at least not for very long!

What a face!!  I just smile every time I see this!

"No, I want to run into the ocean!  No more pictures, please!!"

Thank you Abby, Mark and Ethan for such a fun time in Pemaquid.  I hope you enjoy your preview.  Stay tuned, there are more to come!