Amelia and Family

If you are a parent to a fifteen month old child, you will understand how nearly impossible it is to get a photograph of your child, especially if they are the busy type that is always on the go.  Miss Amelia here is that child.  Look at it this way, mom and dad, you will not be lacking in exercise!  I did keep up and because my camera is faster than she is, I did get some sweet moments.  Admittedly they were near misses, but like I said, my camera was faster!  See for yourselves.Maine Family PhotographyMaine Family PhotographyMaine Family PhotographyMaine Family PhotographyMaine Family PhotographyMaine Family Photography

Who says OshKosh B'Gosh overalls don't go with tutus!

Maine Family Photography

Maine Family Photography

Maine Family Photography

Maine Family Photography

Maine Family Photography

Maine Family Photography

Maine Family PhotographyI hope you enjoyed your preview!  There are many more that I'm working on, which I can't wait for you to see!

Family Photo Session in Cushing, Maine

This weeks whirlwind in my photography business took me on a family photo session in Cushing, Maine.  I am continuously reminded of how beautiful and spectacular the state of Maine is every time I am hired to take photos during someones vacation.  I get to see a variety of private properties that are tucked away off the beaten path, where you follow twists and turns, drive past broken down farm houses until the dirt driveway of your location empties into manicured gardens and lawns and fields before it is swallowed by the harbor.  After I park my car I smile to myself and say "yeah, this is where I work today!"Such a lovely family to share my morning with.  As you will see, they are a perfect compliment to their surroundings.  We had loads of fun and I'm sure it was hard for them to leave at the end of their week.  I hope you enjoy your preview!  More to come soon!DSC_0041-copyDSC_0022-copyDSC_0034-copyThe above photo was actually snapped by a little 3 year old!  Great shot!  Sometimes when I'm photographing families with young children, it isn't always easy to convince them to get into the family pictures.  What has worked for me so far is to enlist the child as a helper by letting them push the shutter button on occasion.  I hold the camera, he pushed the button.  Most of the time you get a blurry picture of the sky, but I guess I held it at the right angle for this shot.  After that, he was totally into having his photo taken!DSC_0049-copyDSC_0124-copyDSC_0140-copyDSC_0155-copyDSC_0201-copyDSC_0259-copyDSC_0289-copyDSC_0290-copyDSC_0321-copyDSC_0331-copyDSC_0366-copyDSC_0433-copyDSC_0467-copyDSC_0471-copyDSC_0488-copyDSC_0507-copyDSC_0525-copy

The Smith Family Photo Session

I just love doing photo sessions with people who love to have their photos taken!  It really makes our time together fun and the images I'm able to capture will be treasured for many years to come.  The Smith family was a blast!  I felt instantly at home when I met them, their location and the late afternoon light was perfection, and I'm very pleased with the end results.  I sure hope you are, too!  This is just a handful of the images, and there are more to come.  I hope you enjoy your preview!

Family Photo Session at Pemaquid


and the livin is easy . . ."

I had such a good time with Christine and her family a few days ago.  We spent some time at Pemaquid Lighthouse and then to Little Beach, which is just down the road from Pemaquid Beach.  Unfortunately Pemaquid Beach was covered in huge, tall mounds of seaweed, which Hurricane Irene stirred up as she traveled up the coast last Sunday.  As you will see in these photos, the weather was perfect, the children played and I began to realize that these last few weeks of summer are slipping away fast.  Time to get out and enjoy as much as you can, especially while you can go barefoot in the warm sand.

It can be a challenge to have everyone looking at the camera for a group shot, but to tell you the truth, I kind of like it that way.  Don't worry guys, I have more shots in the tree when all eyes are on me, but I thought I'd share this one instead.

And sometimes in a group shot not everyone will feel like smiling, and that's okay, too!  This is life and I am a lifestyle photographer.  It's important to document the laughter and the tears, which makes this a perfect portrait of three sisters!

I hope you enjoy your preview, Christine.  There are definitely more to come!  I hope you had fun in Maine and I truly hope Texas is much cooler when you get back home!!