The Harrington Family (Maine Family Photography)

It's fun to finally be in front of a family with young children again!  I know parents of young children are so conscious about how their wee ones are behaving, especially with someone new to them and when that someone new is taking their photos.  But I want you to know something.  I am a mom.  I have two of my own.  I raised them myself and believe me I know with every fiber of my being what it is like to be in the limelight.  I know what it is like to always wonder how people think of me as a parent when my children were not acting "perfect."  By the way, what is "perfect" for a three year old?  Play.  Lack of a long attention span.  Busy.  Curious.  In the moment, which doesn't last for more than a blink of an eye.  Etc, etc.And so, what I am saying is don't worry!  I am not here to photograph your child who is quietly sitting still with a big smile on their face as they stare at my camera.  Unless that is exactly what they do and who they are, it isn't going to happen.  As a family photographer, my only goal in my mind when I go to a job is to document real moments in your family's everyday life.  Children are very good at this, which is why I truly love to photograph them.  I LOVE to have to be quick on my feet and snap away, because I know, without a doubt that when I get home to upload a session onto my computer that I will have priceless photographs.  I will have little smirks, sweet smiles, pouty faces and genuine glimpses of what your life actually looks like.  The photos here demonstrate what I mean.

Sometimes in order to get at least one portrait type smile you have to allow and even encourage silliness!

It's important to stay on top of their game because you will eventually get that shot for the grand parents, as you will see below.

In between the antics of little Abby, I managed to steal a couple of precious mommy moments with their one month old.

Dress up time!  I know, a lot of photos of big sis, but you just have to go with the flow ~

And when the pouty, I am over stimulated face appears, that is when I know the session is over.

And now back to editing the rest so I can put up the family's gallery!  Thank you so much for a fun morning!  I hope you enjoy the photos so far ~