Winter through my Window in Maine

Winter through my Window in Maine

I love how snow storms help to keep me grounded, in my house with no escape.  And so it goes, all the little nagging things left undone suddenly get done.  I dart from one project to another, not necessarily finishing one before beginning the next.

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Ava, Chad and Virginia

If I had a choice of when I would do photo sessions, I have to say I would choose days like this when you have to bundle up.  I love hats and mittens!  The texture and colors add a wonderful cozy feeling, and the warm hues of the landscape really bring it all together.  Another good thing about this time of year is everyone likes to snuggle more, which creates another kind of warmth.  I'll let this wonderful family demonstrate how it's done here in Maine!!Even the dogs are sporting sweaters on a day like this!  I love how candid photos turn out . . . these little slivers of time that would never be seen by those in the photo, unless, of course, they were photographed.  And these are the moments that will be treasured most.

Virginia trying to entice Ava to turn around, "just for one second!"

And one second is all I needed.  Thank you, Ava!

And now I would like to show you how "super models" in Maine strut their stuff . . .

Thank you for coming out in the cold Ava, Chad and Virginia!  I should have the rest of your photos done in a day or two.

And for anyone who would like to do a photo session any time between now and one year from now, I am offering a wonderful special.  Click HERE

The Ransdells - 2012

I have known the Ransdells for 10 years now.  I remember when I first met them, both of our daughters were in 2nd grade together.  Now they are both going to graduate from high school this June.  Both Kirstie and I have this understanding that we will most like be supporting the Kleenex industry this year alone!  In fact, she has almost double the reason because their youngest will be graduating middle school in June, ready to make the leap - not from the nest entirely, but to the edge where she can survey her surroundings before her wings fully open.  Ah, the bitter-sweetness of parenthood!I'm pretty impressed with the above photo.  You would have to be there to know what I mean!  Lets just say the lab brothers are only a year old.  They're well behaved but have lots of energy and they probably caught wind that there were ducks and geese in the pond below. Miss Ellie is THE most adorable Corgi on the planet, hands down!  It helps that she is a fourth the size of most Corgi's so always looks like a puppy.  I hope you enjoy your preview!!  More to come soon - hopefully before hurricane Sandy charges into Maine!

The Chapman Family

I just met the sweetest family the other day who won a photo session from one of the auctions I have donated to recently.  I love to support the local community and I can't think of a better way to do so than by giving, especially if I can give of my talents, which will serve both the cause and the recipients.It was another beautiful, unseasonably warm day here in Maine for a photo session.  I know I've said this many times, but the light at this time of year is exceptional.  I have been so pleased to be doing sessions well into November.  I really would like to do them outdoors all winter, as long as it isn't frigid.Both Elliott and Arabella were such sweet little troupers.  I often wonder what goes through children's heads when someone they don't know shows up with a camera in hand asking them to do this and that.  For the most part they indulged me with a pose here and there, but I know it's asking a lot of 2 and 5 year olds so I kept it as light as possible.  In the end, I'd say we got some pretty good shots!Thank you, Emery and Troy, for sharing your family with me.  I hope your enjoy your preview.  I think we have a few jewels in there!

I think it's important to include the animal members of the family as well, especially since they were so willing!

It's the moments in between the moments that create memories that move the heart ~

Abby, Mark and Ethan

I've learned that when you live in Maine, don't count on the weather forecast to be accurate.  It was supposed to be a partly to mostly sunny weekend, but I know we saw more clouds than sun, and we even had some rain showers - at the time of this session, as a matter of fact!  Even so, we packed in a lot of giggles and plain old fun and excitement during our session.  It doesn't really take much to make a wee one happy, and I'm telling you, can this little guy smile and laugh!  Abby and Mark, you are very lucky to have such a happy child, who is obviously loved to pieces!  I'll hush now and get on with the show!This black and white image is one of my favorites of the trio.  I love candid photos because they really capture authentic moments.  Plus, it isn't easy to get a toddler to hold still for a posed shot, at least not for very long!

What a face!!  I just smile every time I see this!

"No, I want to run into the ocean!  No more pictures, please!!"

Thank you Abby, Mark and Ethan for such a fun time in Pemaquid.  I hope you enjoy your preview.  Stay tuned, there are more to come!