Carmella, Aysel and Evie

What do you get when you put three little girls all together in one place at the same time?  It could be anything, but for me I get a whole lot of adorable photo possibilities that change every second.  In other words, total bliss!  Two little sisters and their cousin playing at "Namma and Nampa's" house on a hot, humid late afternoon in August could not have been a more perfect setup.  Swings, slide, bubbles, the giant ball, a pool and squirt guns all made for lots of action and giggles.  I'll just let the photos do the rest of the talking . . . .

Little Evie was shy at first, but eventually warmed up to me towards the end.

Aysel was the youngest little sweet pea, who is sister to Carmella.

And this is Carmella, enjoying the swing.  Her hair is amazing, I am so jealous!

Such a precious mother-daughter moment.

My goal with all of my photo sessions is to capture the connections between people;  to highlight the love and the bonds they have with one another.  It doesn't matter to me, and hopefully not to them either, if they aren't always smiling at the camera.  I want real life moments.  Ten years from now, when you look back at your photos, isn't that what you want, too?  We look back to re-live a time in our lives, be it happy or sad.  If all we see are posed faces looking at the camera, what emotion will that stir?

I hope you enjoyed the preview, and yes, there are many, MANY more to come!

Virginia, Chad and Ava

Virginia, Chad and Ava

What a fabulous November morning to meet up with Virginia, Chad and Ava for a photo session at their beautiful farm.  The light was incredible, as you can see, the air was warm - no snow storms this weekend, unlike the last few days of October! 

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Ava and Virginia

Ava and Virginia

I had the absolute best time yesterday photographing a mother-daughter session!  Just in time for Father's Day!  Their dresses were beyond adorable!  We were very lucky that the weather cooperated, considering we've had nothing but rain, clouds or fog for what seems likes weeks now.

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Family Fun - {maine event photographer}

Some families are just plain silly, especially when they all convene into one spot for a late afternoon BBQ in the middle of September.  I have known the Ineson's and Stackhouse's f.o.r.e.v.e.r it seems, so it was a lot of fun to capture their giggles on this gorgeous day last month.  Hopefully they will treasure these memories for years to come.

As I said - SILLY!

Daughter-Father love & sillies.

Mother-Daughter bliss.

So sweet!

Aww, Piggy love!

More piggy love!

A different kind of love . . . and he could have been a pro, too!

"Oh really!" she's thinking.

"Let's see who's tallest!"

. . . or silliest!

Love the sweetness caught here.

Lovely ladies.

. . . and silly ladies, too, of course!