CT, Mallory and Rosy - Maine Family Photography

I just adore photographing this family!  They are relaxed, fun and extremely beautiful.  They live in a most amazing location, with access to a view that literally takes your breath away.  We drove to the highest point of their land and aside from how extraordinary it was, the silence was even more so.  Not a car could be heard, just the wind and three cackling crows.  We gathered and ate blueberries and wondered about the many shrubs full of dark berries that we suspected to be elderberry.   If they are, oh my, what a find!

Okay, the photos!  Much more important than words!


Mallory brought home a surprise bouquet of balloons for Rosy.  One happy girl!




















I think it's safe to say that Rosy adores cats, and it's a pretty equal love shared by both child and feline.


So there you have it - a sneak peek of your fabulous session.  Stay tuned, I will have the rest of your photos very shortly!

The Birthday Boy - Maine Family Photography

The Birthday Boy - Maine Family Photography

Madox, the birthday boy, turned two.  He is the funniest, sweetest happy-go-lucky toddler I've ever met.  His expressions are priceless!  The good thing about being born in the summer is birthday parties can be outdoors and usually involve water.

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A Baby Girl is Born! Maine Children's Photographer

A Baby Girl is Born!  Maine Children's Photographer

Now I see why Derilyn somehow endures four-and-a-half months of feeling sick.  In the end a beautiful, healthy absolutely precious baby is born and I'm sure she has long forgotten any of the discomfort.  Still no name as of this writing, but they are working on it!

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Garrett and Brad

Gosh, it's December and I'm still doing photo sessions!  Very exciting!  And as you will see in these photos, no snow, and the temperature was in the 50's, making it feel like early fall.I had a great drive down to Yarmouth to meet up with these two young men and their mom.  Donna showed me some portraits of her sons when they were much younger so she decided it was about time to have some current photos taken.  I love black and whites, so was super excited she wanted these to be in black and white as well.

I hope you enjoy your preview, and it won't be long before the rest are finished!

The Smith Family Photo Session

I just love doing photo sessions with people who love to have their photos taken!  It really makes our time together fun and the images I'm able to capture will be treasured for many years to come.  The Smith family was a blast!  I felt instantly at home when I met them, their location and the late afternoon light was perfection, and I'm very pleased with the end results.  I sure hope you are, too!  This is just a handful of the images, and there are more to come.  I hope you enjoy your preview!