Oar Island, Maine

It isn't everyday I get a call to do a photo session on an island along the Midcoast of Maine, so when the phone rang and the request was to do just that, I couldn't help but get excited!  I also couldn't help but to proclaim how much I love my job.  There are so many locations I would never have the opportunity to go to, and it is you - all my dear and wonderful clients - that have made it possible for me to do so.  And it isn't just the locations I get excited about, it is all of you, yes, my wonderful clients, that I would otherwise never meet if it wasn't for the fabulous fact that I have an amazing job with many, many perks!We had the most perfect day for a photo session.  Blue sky, a gentle breeze that kept the heat from the mainland under control, and a lovely couple with the most charming little two year old boy I have ever met.  He was so adorable, and luckily quite easy to distract, especially when he had an agenda that was much different than ours.  Anyone who has ever had a two year old will understand!

You have to agree that they are quite the trio!

The views from their little rocky beach were fabulous!

Plenty of exploring to do in the tide pools.  The tide was still a bit high, so I bet there were many more treasures once it became low tide.

I hope you had a memorable time while visiting Maine and that it becomes one of your return vacation spots for years to come!  I also hope you enjoy your photo preview - more to come soon!!