The Shaw Nickerson Clan

As many of you know, I love to photograph children.  Whenever I hear of some photographers who don't particularly care about taking on child clients, I wonder to myself "why?!"  It could be that if they come with a set plan of how the photo shoot should unfold, then I can see their disappointment.  Children do not unfold to a set plan.  They simply "are" and if you are going to photograph them, you have to simply "be" and you'd better be fast if you want to keep up with them and not miss a beat!Little Miss Ava had a very busy couple of days with grand parents over for Thanksgiving, so she was a little tired and a little bit almost three years old, but I think she did a great job.  And there were no meltdowns either!  In fact, plenty of smiles and sweetness in between a few moments of silliness and resistance.  But I got the job done and that's all that matters, right!  Enjoy your preview and in a couple of days I should have the rest finished ~

The Carvel's - South Bristol, Maine

It isn't hard to understand why people vacation in Maine.  After all, it's "the way life should be."  I am always amazed by the treasures hidden down the many side roads; treasures that I would never get the chance to see if I weren't doing this fabulous photography job of mine.  This session was a last minute adventure the Carvel's added to their to-do list during their stay in South Bristol.  I am so glad I was available to meet with them at this very special beach.  Take a look, and you'll know what I mean.

While mom was getting ready we took a few shots of the kids in the grass at their rental before we headed to the beach.  Are they not the cutest!!

The girls kept informing me that they only had a certain number of smiles before they ran out!  So sweet!

The hugging pose was their idea.

There's just something about this photo that I adore, closed eyes and all.  Even though I only met Ava that day, I feel like this image contains a lot of her personality, plus I love the fact that she is clinging to her father's shirt, her mom just behind her holding the baby, and her sister just to the bottom left of the photo.  Sigh!

Catherine loved collecting sea glass with Ava.  I just love this shot!  She kept inspecting all her found treasures, and at the end of our time on the beach, I was impressed by all the different colors she found.

And here is baby Drew.  He was such a good trouper!!

Thank you so much for such a fun time, and especially for allowing me to capture some memories of your trip, which I know will bloom into lasting treasures for many years to come.  Stay tuned, there are many more photos!