The Shaw Nickerson Clan

As many of you know, I love to photograph children.  Whenever I hear of some photographers who don't particularly care about taking on child clients, I wonder to myself "why?!"  It could be that if they come with a set plan of how the photo shoot should unfold, then I can see their disappointment.  Children do not unfold to a set plan.  They simply "are" and if you are going to photograph them, you have to simply "be" and you'd better be fast if you want to keep up with them and not miss a beat!Little Miss Ava had a very busy couple of days with grand parents over for Thanksgiving, so she was a little tired and a little bit almost three years old, but I think she did a great job.  And there were no meltdowns either!  In fact, plenty of smiles and sweetness in between a few moments of silliness and resistance.  But I got the job done and that's all that matters, right!  Enjoy your preview and in a couple of days I should have the rest finished ~

The Ransdells - 2012

I have known the Ransdells for 10 years now.  I remember when I first met them, both of our daughters were in 2nd grade together.  Now they are both going to graduate from high school this June.  Both Kirstie and I have this understanding that we will most like be supporting the Kleenex industry this year alone!  In fact, she has almost double the reason because their youngest will be graduating middle school in June, ready to make the leap - not from the nest entirely, but to the edge where she can survey her surroundings before her wings fully open.  Ah, the bitter-sweetness of parenthood!I'm pretty impressed with the above photo.  You would have to be there to know what I mean!  Lets just say the lab brothers are only a year old.  They're well behaved but have lots of energy and they probably caught wind that there were ducks and geese in the pond below. Miss Ellie is THE most adorable Corgi on the planet, hands down!  It helps that she is a fourth the size of most Corgi's so always looks like a puppy.  I hope you enjoy your preview!!  More to come soon - hopefully before hurricane Sandy charges into Maine!

Family Fun - {maine event photographer}

Some families are just plain silly, especially when they all convene into one spot for a late afternoon BBQ in the middle of September.  I have known the Ineson's and Stackhouse's f.o.r.e.v.e.r it seems, so it was a lot of fun to capture their giggles on this gorgeous day last month.  Hopefully they will treasure these memories for years to come.

As I said - SILLY!

Daughter-Father love & sillies.

Mother-Daughter bliss.

So sweet!

Aww, Piggy love!

More piggy love!

A different kind of love . . . and he could have been a pro, too!

"Oh really!" she's thinking.

"Let's see who's tallest!"

. . . or silliest!

Love the sweetness caught here.

Lovely ladies.

. . . and silly ladies, too, of course!