Ava, Chad and Virginia

If I had a choice of when I would do photo sessions, I have to say I would choose days like this when you have to bundle up.  I love hats and mittens!  The texture and colors add a wonderful cozy feeling, and the warm hues of the landscape really bring it all together.  Another good thing about this time of year is everyone likes to snuggle more, which creates another kind of warmth.  I'll let this wonderful family demonstrate how it's done here in Maine!!Even the dogs are sporting sweaters on a day like this!  I love how candid photos turn out . . . these little slivers of time that would never be seen by those in the photo, unless, of course, they were photographed.  And these are the moments that will be treasured most.

Virginia trying to entice Ava to turn around, "just for one second!"

And one second is all I needed.  Thank you, Ava!

And now I would like to show you how "super models" in Maine strut their stuff . . .

Thank you for coming out in the cold Ava, Chad and Virginia!  I should have the rest of your photos done in a day or two.

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