The Birthday Boy - Maine Family Photography

Madox, the birthday boy, turned two.  He is the funniest, sweetest happy-go-lucky toddler I've ever met.  His expressions are priceless!  The good thing about being born in the summer is birthday parties can be outdoors and usually involve water.  In this case, lots of water because the temperature was scorching hot and humid.  As you will see, the kids didn't mind.  When you think about it, kids rarely mind what the weather is, just as long as fun can be had.  I think these photos pretty much sums it up about the amount of fun they were having.

I love how children could care less that they are covered from head to toe in watermelon juice and dirt!

I love all the happy, contented faces.  To be a child again!

One of my fondest childhood memories is swinging for hours.

A two year old doesn't quite grasp the idea of opening presents fast and so all the older children try to help him out.

The joy on his face was so fun to watch.  What boy doesn't want their own tractor!

It's good to have a big sister.

Finally baby sister joins the party after a long nap.  Is she not the cutest, and that red hair is a bonus!

What's a birthday party without a birthday cake?  The birthday boy is quite intrigued!

Big sister giving instructions on how to blow out candles.  So cute!

I think he's had enough cake and ice cream, but not sure how much actually ended up in his tummy!  Happy birthday, Madox.  Can't wait for number three!