Three Sisters - Maine Children's Photographer

One of the best compliments a photographer can hope for is to be called back a couple of years later to book another session.  This is what happened two weeks ago, stating that they loved the photos I took  two summers ago so much that they couldn't risk going with a local photographer!  So they packed up the family, drove half way on Saturday night and stayed in a hotel, then met me on Sunday to complete their trip at Wolfe's Neck Farm where we did the session.  Such a fabulous place, by the way.  The above photo is probably the only one where all three stood still long enough for me to click the shutter button.  That's okay, candid is more fun for both me and the children, which is what all the rest of the photos are.  We had such a blast, and I can't wait to finish editing the rest!!  Enjoy your preview!