Twins on Lucia Beach, Maine

One of the best perks about being a photographer in Maine is having the opportunity to watch children play while at the same time creating lasting memorable keepsakes for their parents.  For the 5th day in a row, we've had temperatures in the 90's along the coast of Maine.  But by 5pm at Lucia Beach, there was a soft breeze and much lower temps.  The light was incredible and this pair of twins were the perfect combination for an energy packed photo shoot!  They loved to run and romp in the water, keeping me on my toes as well, but to me this is the best way to have a photo session with children.  Let them play, stop occasionally for a "formal" shot and then play some more!Melissa and her husband bought this photo session from a silent auction I donated for Pen Bay Hospital's annual Gala.  The money is used to create a more "green" environment at the hospital, which I thought was a wonderful idea!  Enjoy your preview!  I am having so much fun editing these pictures!

This picture alone says it all!  Such an expression of pure summer bliss!

I did get them to stop for a minute!