Family Photography Session | Point Defiance Park

I had a great time meeting up with this young family to do a photo session! We met at Point Defiance park in Tacoma, one of my favorite locations for flowers and variation. The park has so much to offer.  Point Defiance provided the ambiance and these three lovelies did the rest! 

 Family of three standing next to huge tree

Unplanned photos are the creme de la creme of any photo session.  Why?  Because they are simply a slice of an ordinary moment.  These are what will trigger an emotion or help you recall many other ordinary moments from your life at that time.  You may think they are trivial, but rest assured, they will become an invaluable treasure in time.

Black & white photo of family of threeFamily Photography Session | Point Defiance ParkBlack & white photo of father and toddler sonBlack & white photo of mother and toddler sonBlack & white photo of father with toddler son on Owens Beachfamily of three giggling beneath a large cedar tree

The above photo is one of my favorites from this session because no one is looking at me.  They are fully engaged in each other, which to me, makes the perfect family photo.  What do you think?  Do you have any like this of your family?  If not and you would like some, please don’t hesitate to inquire about my availability here!  Besides, photos make perfect gifts and look adorable on holiday cards!  

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