I had the best time with this family! Having fun during your photo session is key to creating memorable photos. All of my sessions are loosely planned, because this leaves room for plenty of spontaneity.

In my experience not many people want to pose in front of the camera. Unless you are a model and that is what you do. Family photos ought to mirror who you are in this moment. Each member has a unique personality and my goal is to capture those individual sparks.

During this particular session, the family chose a number of activities they could do and enjoy together. I simply followed along with my camera. As you can see through the photos, their personalities and love shone brightly.

Having Fun During Your Photo Session

What a nice end to this lovely family’s photo session! I have never seen these before, but those are little edible chocolate cups. They put the pudding in them so you can simply eat the whole thing!

The new year is nearly upon us and what a perfect time to start planning your family’s photo session! Here in the Pacific Northwest, even during the winter, we have lots of days that are perfect for photos. Simply contact me so we can discuss what you would like to do during a session.

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