High School Senior Photos

Taking high school senior photos is such an honor.  These young people are on the threshold of a new life, a life they are creating for themselves.  They are excited and full of fresh ideas because finally they are of age to leave the nest.

I had so much fun taking Chase’s high school senior photos!  His dreams and stories were a refreshing look into a world he aspires to build for his future.  His passion is becoming a diesel mechanic and I have no doubt he will become one of the best.  He wants to venture outside his current surroundings, to explore what lies beyond what is familiar.  

As I listened to him I was reminded of myself when I was young and seemingly fearless.  It became clear to me how the pulse of life moves in a continuous ebb and flow, crossing threads of unique paths over another.  For a moment I was able to reflect on how far I had traveled on my own journey through life simply by listening to the aspirations of another.

Thank you, Chase, for this opportunity.  I wish you well in all that life has to offer you!  Now lets take a look at a few photos.

high school senior photosmale high school student leaning on a very large redwood treeblack and white portrait of male high school studentcolor portrait of high school senior standing in front of wooden doorblack and white photo of teenage boy sitting on stepsportrait of teenage boy sitting on jeepphoto of teenage boy sitting on hood of his black jeep

I forgot to mention that Chase just bought an old style jeep that he simply loves.  I’d say he wears it pretty well!  I took his photos at one of my favorite locations – University of Puget Sound.  The architecture is pretty amazing and the grounds offer such a varied landscape to choose from.

If you are a high school senior in need of your photos taken, now is a perfect time to contact me to discuss what type of session you would love to have.  Tacoma has endless possibilities and I would be more than happy to explore them with you!  Feel free to give me a call, an email or fill out this simple form.  

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