As you may have guessed by the photos on my website, I LOVE photographing young children! They can be spunky, inquisitive, unpredictable, but they are always spontaneous. Yes, they keep me moving but the results are worth every added step.

These lovelies wanted their Holiday family photos taken at Owens Beach, which is right on the Tacoma waterfront. In my opinion, when you couple a beach with a child, your session will be a success! What child doesn’t like sand and water and boats? Well, maybe some, but most do love it, and when a child is happy, the photos simply shine.

We almost had to do an indoor shoot because the rain was imminent for that day. One thing you can always count on in Tacoma is rain will happen but there is usually a pause or two in the action.

Are you ready for the photos? I sure am!

Holiday Family Photos

I hope you enjoyed this lovely family. Holiday family photos at the beach is always a great idea, but any photos at the beach are great! I know we’re past the holiday season but that doesn’t mean the photos should stop. Your family is creating memories every single day. I’d be more than happy to help you preserve them. I’m just a contact form away!

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